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U.S. Department of StateAPPLICATION FOR A U.S. PASSPORT OMB Control No. 14050004 Expiration Date: 04302025 Estimated Burden: 85 MinutesPlease read all instructions first and type or print in black
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Comments and Help with passport application form pdf
. . . For U.S. citizens or permanent residents, the following sections apply. If you are applying for a passport book or a U.S. birth certificate, a passport must be the first category item on the application. SECTION B. PROOF OF A JOB STATUS Must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents. Must have a valid passport. No other proof of a job status is required. If you are an employee, applicant must also include an employer/client letter (provided by employer) for each position in which you provide a specific service or service with a salary of 700 or less. SECTION C. REQUIRED EVIDENCE Passport valid (at least six months). Valid visa with a visa document. SECTION D. APPLICATION OF FEE To save time, you can apply online. For more information, see or call the National Passport Information Center (EPIC): or. NOTE: U.S. citizens must have a U.S. passport and a U.S. visa to be eligible for a passport book. U.S. citizens do not need to have an employer letter showing the salary they expect you to have. When you apply, provide the necessary documents to prove your U.S. citizenship. For more information, contact: US Citizens U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services P.O. Box 699021 Washington, DC 20024 Phone: (Toll–free) U.S. Immigration Services: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services P.O. Box 699021 Washington, DC 20024 TDD/TTY: 800–282–1238 Email: Epicurus.gov. SECTION E. SESSIONS/DISPOSITION OF APPLICATION U.S. citizenship: The applicant shall be given an opportunity to verify, either orally or in writing, that an applicant has not renounced U.S. citizenship. The document confirming this confirmation shall be furnished to the applicant when he or she makes an application for a passport. If the applicant has renounced U.S. citizenship, then a letter certifying to this fact shall be furnished to him or her when he or she makes application for a passport.

What is Form DS-11?

Form DS-11 is a document you cannot avoid in your life. It is the Application for a U.S. Passport. Your passport is your ticket too everywhere. You cannot take any step without it. That is why you must file this application to become a full citizen of the United States. Every individual must complete this form.

You are eligible to receive a passport if you approached a full legal age and haven’t had a passport before. If you changed the name or got married, you must also complete this form. You may download, print and fill in manually or use an online application. The application is fee-based. You pay more for faster processing.

What is Form DS-11 for?

If you need to receive a first-time passport, renew the one that was lost, stolen or damaged, or request a new document because of the expiration, you must submit this application. This form must be filed without your signature. You sign the application only after it is approved. Remember that a passport is the most important document. Pay attention to fill in the application properly and do not make mistakes.

When is Form DS-11 Due?

The expiration date of the currently available application is August 31st, 2019.

Is the Application Accompanied by Other Documents?

When you have completed the Application for a U.S. Passport, prepare some other documents. They are the proof of the United States citizenship, confirmation of the fee paid (check), proof of identity and recent color photograph.

How do I Fill in the Application for a U.S. Passport?

As far as a passport will accompany you all your life, the application must be completed without mistakes. An invalid passport may cause many troubles. The following information must be included in the application:

  • name (last, first and middle);

  • sex;

  • social security number;

  • date and place of birth;

  • contact information;

  • your previous names;

After you complete this part on the first page, proceed with filling in the second page. You must provide some personal information about your parents, spouse (if you are married), your eye color, height, hair color. Get ready to describe your travel plans if you have any. Provide your permanent address and indicate additional telephone number.

How to fill out a DS-11 application form online:

  1. Type ds11.pdffiller.com in your web browser address bar.
  2. Click (tap) the form preview or the orange Fill Online button to open your document in the editor. If needed, read the instructions on pages 1-4.
  3. Start filling out the necessary fields, i.e. your full name, sex, date and place of birth, personal and contact details.
  4. Indicate whether you’re applying for the U.S. Passport Card or Book.
  5. In case you’re applying for a book, specify whether it should be large or regular (depending on how frequently you travel).
  6. On the page two, indicate your parents’ details, your marital status, occupation, physical parameters (height, hair and eye color, etc.).
  7. Specify an emergency contact. Specify whether you’ve been issued a U.S. passport before.
  8. Revise your application and correct mistakes, if any.
  9. Sign your DS-11, then click Done.

Where do I Send the Application for a U.S. Passport?

You must send your application to the regional agency or passport acceptance facility.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ds 11 form
Instructions and Help about passport s form
You must complete a passport application form ds-11 to receive a passport or a passport card expect to receive your passport within four to six weeks unless otherwise specified on the passport form you will be asked to list your personal information which includes your name address contact information date of birth social security number and residence you will also be asked to list your current employment as well as your driver's license number finally you will be required to provide your stature sex height weight ethnicity and eye color the two required passport photos must measure 2 inches by 2 inches with your head centered in the photograph there must be a distance of 1 to 1 in 3/8 inches between the top of your head and the bottom of your chin the photograph must be printed on lightweight glossy photo paper the photograph must be in color and taken against a white background strange or odd facial expressions will cause the passport photo to be rejected this includes not looking directly at the camera you will be required to dress in Street or casual attire an applicant is not permitted to wear uniforms or costumes with the exception of religious garb this type of religious garb must be worn every day by the applicant in order for it to be considered as acceptable attire for a passport photo finally you will not be allowed to wear sunglasses casual head wear and non prescription glasses in your passport photograph you can get your passport photograph taken at a variety of places which include local drug stores or post offices for $10 to $25 you will be required to present proof of citizenship within the US with the following documents original non photocopied and official documents such as birth certificates certificates of citizenship and or naturalization refugee permits or birth reports remember photocopies or documents that are unintelligible or hard to make out will not be accepted include payment for your passport passports issued to individuals younger than the age of 16 will be required to pay a fee of $85 while individuals over the age of 16 will be required to pay a fee of $100 applicants are encouraged to make payments via cheque credit card or money order when mailing an application send your passport application as a certified letter to ensure to live Marie or submitted via the nearest post office to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws calm


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